System owners and administrators

Reduce costs for education while users acquire better knowlegde.



InfoCaption gives system owners and administrators one single system for education, documentation and support. The easy maintanance and a material that users easily understand, makes it worthwhile to manage produced material. There are also smart functions for bug reports and documentation.


One system

One single system for education, documentation and support.

Quick production

Quick and easy production provides a living material.


Different types of guides

Different types of guides depending on need.


Knowledge tests

Ensure your users and partners knowledge through knowledge tests.

Document processes

Document and develop flows of process through the process tool.

Reduce support

Reduce support through self service and educational guides.


Record bugs

Document incidents and buggs with Incidentrecorder.



Integrate with other systems through SSO, APIs and Plugins.

Support portal

Adaptable support portal for internal use and for your customers.

Educational packages

Create ready for use educational packages for your users.

Publish webinars

Store and distribute your own webinars.


Follow up usage of guides all the way down to an individual level.