Our way of working – simple, functional methods for sharing knowledge. Tested and improved since 2002. IC Way is the result of hundreds of projects based on sharing knowledge, mapped for process and formalised. IC Way is both our project model in client projects and the whole base for our company. We and our partners will help you with everything from Knowledge management within IT helpdesk, to different types of introduction projects.

In connection with implementation, we use our model for introduction of platforms that is based upon many years of best practice.




Demo and inspiration

If you want to go from ? to ! in your organisation, a demo of our product is time well invested. Based on your needs and thoughts, we present how InfoCaption in an effective way can reduce the number of teacher-led training sessions and questions to knowledge administrators/support functions. It will also help employees to understand their part in the whole organisation and quickly get answers to their questions.

Test project

Test our product in the cloud. You pay only for the time that we help you, for example with producer education.

Cloud or On Prem

InfoCaption can be used in two ways:
In the cloud: The easiest alternative for you. The server is in the cloud and InfoCaption makes sure the running and updates are working.
OnPremises: You install the product on your own server and are responsible for updates for new versions with the help from our support.


Producer education and coaching

InfoCaption is always there to help you achieve your visions in the best way possible. We offer educations around all of our products and solutions on site, alternatively via Skype. To be coached is important for you to get the maximal effect of your investment. This can be about embedding material on your intranet, background structure, search functions and pedagogical aspects.


Standard content means prepared instruction guides around common business systems, for example Skype or MS Office. You can choose to import the guides to your own server and adapt them after your structure, or use them via an external web interface. The material is a part of company/municipality licence, but are also available for purchase separately. See example of guides here.

Adapt and integrate

Since our product is completely developed in Sweden, you have every chance to make it ”your own”. We can adapt the product graphically so it will harmonize with your graphical profile and wishes, so that the users will feel familiar with the product. The product can also be embedded in an intranet when it comes to guides and processes. Even search functions can be embedded as a part of the intranet, which makes it easily accessible for the users.

Meet us and others

It is important to us to have a close relationship to our customers, by meeting and staying in touch regularly. We also host events for producers that creates material, where you have the chance to meet like minded people. Every year, we put together a Guide retreat, where you can meet to produce material, network and ask questions. We also host a User Forum, where clients can show their solutions, and we talk about functionality and development of the product InfoCaption.


Let us produce

InfoCaption offers production help if you lack time or resources, or if the time frame of a project is tight. We then produce the material, based on what you want.

Our collaboration with InfoCaption has been smooth. You often get answers to your questions very quickly, and if we have wishes regarding development, they have often been proceeded with.

Håkan Cederqvist

IT pedagog, Kumla Municipality

The collaboration with the supplier is working very well. They are keen on helping us with what we need. We have had help with producing guides and how to think around them. We are also attending the user conference every year and meet other companies that also work with guides, and that is very rewarding.

Nina Högstedt

Service manager for servicedesk and internal IT, Coor Service Management

The collaboration with InfoCaption works very well. We have special demands and it is important to us that they are met as requested for this system to work for us.

Tobias Pettersson Öien

System owner, Intraservice Gothenburg Municipality