Support with self-service

By letting the users themselves easily search for guides and instructions, a lot of time is saved for the helpdesk. Both guides and search pages may well be integrated directly into the application for an even higher accessability. With InfoCaption Support Portal, you have the  possibility to present different types of interesting information for the end users in widgets. Search pages and the guide portal can also be integrated with your intranet in different ways, for example by embedding search pages or make use of Open Search, to let Sharepoints search engine search through InfoCaption.


We handle 30 percent of our support issues every months via guides instead of manual support. Since we have them in great volume, it adds up to a considarable part. Also, we are not here 24/7 but have activites going on around the city at all times, and they need help and support in the IT-system. We have been able to deliver that thanks to the guides.

Nisse Waldefeldt

Administration manager, Intraservice Gothenburg Municipality