Alond with direct sales, we also cooperate with our partners around sales and implementation of InfoCaption.

Sales and partners

Partners that helps us sell InfoCaption to our customers, but who also helps to produce content. A lot of times, this delivery is connected to a specific system that the provider is implementing for its client. One of the benefits with this way of working, is that the client can take over the administration of the produced material.


EVRY (Norway) works mainly in the public sector in Norway.

Contact person: Agathe Rusås Olsen


Pulsen works primarily with InfoCaption within their sector of care, Magna Cura and Combine.

Contact person: Anders Heland


Unit4 (The Nordics) offers services within the framework of their offers revolving around ERP-systems.

Contact person: Aud-Katrin Sugar


Acando is a consultancy business. Their business concept is to create business use together with their clients through improving and streamline effective processes, organisation and digital solutions.

Contact person: Maria Grevillius


Advania is on of the biggest and most comprehensive system integrators in the Nordics, with its over 1000 co-workers in Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark.

Contact persons:

Gothenburg: Malin Falkvall Dämbäck

Stockholm: Ola Lindgren


Production partners

Sometimes a business doesn’t have the possibility to create all of the material themselves, or they want to have an even greater pedagocical content. We deliver these types of services, but we also co-operate with professional e-learning producers.

Contento Wassum

Contento Wassum educates people within the bank, finance or insurance business. We educate in all areas, from work introduction to specialist knowledge. With educators that works with, or have a background in the industry, we can offer you a high quality and modern ways of education that is connected to your everyday life.

Contact person: Per Brahm



QD Utbildning (QD Education) has a solid experience of producing interactive educations and guides.

Contact person: Jan-Gunnar Nergård


General Agreement Partners

For clients within the public sector, we can offer purchases via partnes based on the Swedish Kammarkollegiets general agreement: Ramavtal för Programvaror och tjänster 2014 – Kontorsstöd.


Contact person: Peder Johannisson


Contact person: Anneli Färnevik