One single system for a wide field of applications

Every produced guide gets a unique ID and a unique url. This means that when the guide needs to be updated, for example in connecation with a new version of a system, you will not need to give the users any new material. The link stays the same! Through the links, the guides can be packaged into courses or be integrated directly into the application or webbsites. The guides can also be connected to knowledge tests to automatically generate a syllabus based on specfic users specfic shortage of knowledge.

InfoCaption keeps track of the relations between the guides, which also allows the system to warn you, if you for example would try to delete a guide that is included in a course.

We used to send out PDF:s with information, and one of the biggest problems with this was that when you changed something later on, it was hard to get that information out to everone who had already saved or printed the first PDF. With the guides, it’s much simpler to change that kind of information, and all of the users can access it. When you send something out to 50 000 users, it’s crucial that it is possible to right minor errors that might seem small but have a very big effect when it concerns that many users.

Tobias Pettersson Öien

System administrator, Intraservice at Gothenburg Municipality