With more and more customers outside Sweden’s borders, we need a more internationally viable brand. We also want the product name to be anchored in the guides – which are the essence of the product. Therefore we have chosen to use the name InfoCaption – the product will  from now one have the same name as the company.

We are also changing  the packaging of the solution. The change means that the base of the product is InfoCaption Guide, which can be expanded with the additional modules Process and Track. In the support section of our new website you will find a support portal. Here you as clients ca use the same login as in the old portal to get access to downloads and for example save guides as favorites. Our new support address is support@infocaption.com.
It’s been a few trips back and forth with the name and license models, and we hope you have patience with this. Now we will not make any changes in the foreseeable future!

During a transitional period there will still be some guides and documents using the name Procydo. Pardon the mess!