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InfoCaption is a system for digital learning and Knowledge Management. We focus on the content and the possibility to share knowledge. Produced guides are made searchable to end users, but can also be used internally within the support organisation. Our work is based on the experience we have gained throughout the years, and call our way of working The IC Way, which is partly inspired by KCS. With InfoCaption, the benefits are not only felt by the Help Desk, but the business as a whole thanks to the possibilities of education and process documentation.


Reduce support

Reduce support through self service and pedagogical guides.

Quick production

Quick and easy production provides a living material.


Different types of guides

Different types of guides depending on needs.


One system

One system for education, documentation and support.

Support portal

Adaptable support portal for internal use and/or for your customers.

Internal knowledge sharing

Effective ways of sharing knowledge within the business for best practice etcetera.


Bug recording

Document incidents and buggs with Incident Recorder.



Integrate with other systems through SSO, APIs and Plugins.


Follow up usage of guides all the way down to an individual level.



Via a number of functions, the knowledge database will stay updated, which will provide quality to produced material.


Standard content

Use the already produced standard guides for Microsoft Office, among others.